Best friends Helen and Celia visit each other often in London and Paris. On a rooftop in Montmartre, Helen reveals that she is struggling in her relationship with Peter; while Celia is supportive in any way she hints that Helen needs to change her situation. Helen agrees.
When Celia returns to London there is a big news alert about a possible virus outbreak in Europe. Paris and London take very quickly drastic measurements – confinement until further notice. Celia is immediately told to do home office, Helen is cramped in a small apartment with Peter who she actually wanted to break up with. While trying to deal with the new circumstances of isolation, Helen and Celia keep each other uplifted with video chats and plans for the future. Celia fights her loneliness, experimenting with new dating strategies and business ideas, Helen keeps her distance from Peter, and her balcony becomes her new hangout spot, but the situation escalates when Peter locks her out after a fight.

Things need to change! Both overcome solitude and lack of prospects – a new adventure begins.